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We treated the defender's traumatic cataract free of charge

A traumatic cataract is the result of concussions or injuries to the eye, during which the eye's crystalline lens is damaged. This is exactly what happened to Oleksiy, a Ukrainian soldier. He suffered a combat injury in the east of the country, which resulted in a traumatic cataract. Unfortunately, he could not receive the necessary help at the military hospital.

The soldier turned to our foundation, created based on the medical centers "Novy Zir" and "Eximer", which helps military soldiers cover the cost of eye treatment in complex cases.

In October 2022, the Chief Doctor of the "Novy Zir" network, Georgiy Yakovych Parkhomenko, performed surgery to replace the cloudy lens with an American intraocular lens using modern phacoemulsification technology. After the surgery, the patient underwent several examinations and his vision significantly improved.

We are grateful to Oleksiy for defending our country. We will achieve victory together!

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