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  • preservation and vision restoration of military personnel who protect Ukraine

  • examination, which extends to the entire territory of the country, including the front-line territories

  • changing approaches to ophthalmology during the war

Charitable Foundation "See The Victory" was founded by the network of private ophthalmological medical centers "New Vision" and "Eximer" in September 2022.

Although in fact it has been working since the first days of the invasion. Since 2014, the foundation has been conducting free vision diagnostics, and partially or fully covers the costs of eye operations for military and civilian victims of hostilities.


From February 24, 2022, the foundation additionally purchases transport, drones, thermal imagers, tourniquets, personal first-aid kits, food, etc. for the military, and also helps civilians in cases of humanitarian disasters.

Since 2023, the foundation has launched the #MOC project - free ophthalmological care in front-line territories for military and civilians. During this time, 1,680 patients were thoroughly examined in 15 towns of Donetsk region and Kharkiv region.

Each of the eight branches of "New Vision" and "Eximer" makes its contribution to the foundation's activities monthly.


meet our permanent team. In addition, we collaborate with volunteers who periodically join the activities of the fund
2979 defenders

checked eyesight and got operations for free

53 500 $

humanitarian aid
to civilians

250 000 $

the cost of all procedures,
provided by the fund

160 500 $

assistance of the Armed Forces,
ammunition, transport

family (1).png
200 person

contacts us monthly
(on average)

100% funds

are going to eyesight restoration and aid to the military

results for 2023


Every month, the number of calls from military personnel needing vision diagnosis and rehabilitation, as well as seeking support for their military inquiries,

is increasing.

Support the military in the fight for their own vision and the independence of the country

You may contribute and/or distribute this information
See the victory together!

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12 441 $

everything was delivered today

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+38 095 741 29 18

phone number
CO "See the victory"

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