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from 2014 till now, we help restore sight lost due to war to Operation United Forces veterans, military personnels and their families, as well as civilians

RESULTS 2022-2024

2979 defenders

checked eyesight and got operations for free

250 000 $

the cost of all procedures,
provided by the fund

family (1).png
200 person

contacts us monthly
(on average)

130 eye operations

made with full cost coverage

for the military

1906 patients

examined for free in mobile missions in the front-line territories


  • military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the Territorial Defense Forces, including those wounded and released from captivity.

  • children of military personnel, up to 18 years old (deceased, captured).

  • civilians (volunteers; displaced persons who have lost their housing).


​List of services covered fully or partially by the foundation:

  • Vision diagnostics with consultation by an ophthalmologist

  • Selection of eyeglasses and soft contact lenses

  • Lens replacement for cataracts (phacoemulsification with IOL implantation)

  • Retinal issues resolution (vitreo-retinal surgery)

  • Corneal transplantation (keratoplasty)

  • Laser vision correction

  • Reconstructive surgeries (plastic surgery for anatomical restoration)


  • For military personnel: documents confirming the individual's status:
    - valid military ID or officer's certificate
    - certificate of combatant (COBD) issued after 24.02.22
    - medical certificate of injuries sustained in combat from the medical facility 

  • For civilians:
    - medical facility certificate regarding the circumstances of the injury
    - documents concerning loss of housing
    - for children: certificate of capture, disappearance, or death of military parent(s)
    - for children (injured due to combat): medical facility certificate 


  • Discount or full reimbursement for treatment is provided only with the presence of documents

  • The amount of compensation for eye examination with a doctor's consultation can be obtained during the appointment booking

  • The amount of compensation for treatment can be obtained from our managers after receiving recommendations from an ophthalmologist


  • Feel free to contact our network of medical centers through our hotline numbers:
    "New Vision":     
    Kyiv 044 230 8080 
    Kryvyi Rih 056 462 02 62 
    Cherkasy 067 470 93 00 
    Dnipro  050 386 06 06
    Khmelnytskyi 067 402 18 73
    Kyiv 044 238 6800 
    Оdesa 048 707 00 07

  • Schedule your examination with a doctor's consultation on any convenient day and time for you

  • On the day of your visit, please submit a diagnostic request to the center's manager 

  • After the diagnosis, the center's manager will provide information regarding the discount amount and the terms of further treatment, based on the doctor's recommendations


Thanks to the Foundation's partner program, "Novyi Zir" and "Eximer" networks patients receive free diagnosis and treatment with partial or full cost coverage


We help to check eyevision and treat diseases, that arose as a result of hostilities

Admission is by appointment only


​​leave your phone number - our administrator will contact you to schedule an appointment

Your application has been successfully sent. We will contact you shortly


Every month, the number of calls from military personnel needing vision diagnosis and rehabilitation, as well as seeking support for

their military inquiries, is increasing.

Support the military in the fight for their own vision and the independence of the country

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See the victory together!

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12 441 $

donates of 2023-2024

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+38 095 741 29 18

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CO "See the victory"

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Thank you!

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