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There is always place for hope!

In September 2022, a rocket hit the high-rise building where Andriy lived with his wife and daughter 🏚️ the number of numerous body injuries, a laceration on the neck, the man also became blind. The most complex injuries to the eyes: several retinal detachments, loss of optic nerve functions in the left eye, macular rupture, traumatic cataract, subluxation of the lens, necessary for corneal transplantation in the right eye...

For half a year, the family struggled on their own until they turned to the "Novy Zir" center in Kyiv. There was hope for the eyesight restoration, in addition to the fact that our CF "See the Victory" joined in covering the costs.

The operations are over, Andriy is awaiting recovery. But now he can see and distinguish the light at traffic lights again, is able to catch the flight of a bee, move independently, play with his daughter. And although the left eye will no longer be able to see (the nerve has never recovered its function), the right eye already has 20% vision, and it was 5%! In a few months, the vision will be better. According to Alisa, Andriy's daughter, he is reinforced concrete!

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