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Our doctors work in the front-line territories of Donetsk region

842 patients. 30 days of #MOC: ophthalmic care work, two shifts of doctors and assistants. Our teams are very tired, but elated: the value of their own work for patients is clearly highlighted.

- I never once regretted going, no matter what. And I would even stay longer - says Yuliya Leychenko, a doctor of the "Eximer" network, who examined patients during the second shift #MOC

In addition, important skills are powerfully pumped: being flexible in conditions of limited equipment and the absence of colleagues, stress resistance, conflict psychology, leadership and partnership building.

According to doctors' observations, military personnel most often complain of dry eyes (dry eye syndrome, or DYS), and patients aged 40-45+ years additionally complain of discomfort when reading/viewing at short distances.

It's simple with the solution for age changes - the discomfort disappears when the defenders use a personal pair of glasses that they received from the doctors #MOC ❤️

And it is more difficult with dry eye syndrome (DYS). Military has pain in his eyes on a sunny day, because due to this disease, the eyes are noticeably dehydrated, tears are produced very little, or they evaporate quickly.

Those who get DYS have a feeling of sand/dirt, heartburn, severe fatigue with itching, redness, and "as if something is pressing in the eyes." Atypical lacrimation that does not relieve pain in the eyes is also a signal that an eye disease has appeared.

Сivilian patients basically recheck the previously received diagnosis. Most do not require a thorough examination, the goal is to choose glasses, or to deny the presence of an advanced form of cataract (this is the most common diagnosis).

- This is a very good project, because there are a lot of military personnel - says Yurii Peshkov, a doctor of the "Novy Zir" network, who was the first to go to the #MOС. - And this is constant adrenaline: work in the front-line territories, communication with people, a lot of gratitude from the military and medical colleagues, as well as from ordinary people.


This project was made possible thanks to the support of СF "MOAS-Ukraine", СF Oksana Dmitrieva and medical partners Farmak, Polpharma, World Medicine #pobachperemohu#побачперемогу#зір#допомогаарміі#лікуваннязору#eyesight

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