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Invincible: he complete combat tasks while having vision -15

Military Andriy Nazarenko is accompanied to the medical center by Tetiana, his future wife. They talk as if they both had an epiphany after the surgery. This shared happiness...uh! ❤️

Andriy wanted to help people and feel the pulsation of life. So he changed the position of deputy director of an insurance company to an ambulance driver. That's how he ended up in the ranks of the The Territorial Defence Forces (TDF). Because TDF is like the Armed Forces of Ukraine, only... crazy:) They defended Kyiv, returned Kharkiv Oblast, stood as a wall behind Bakhmut. Andriy and his brothers know - there is no other way

And you can't stop. Even when your eyes are getting worse and worse. In a few months -5 — -6 became -12, then -15. Even lenses did not help at night. If you don't hold on to your brother's shoulder bag, you will get lost in the dark.

If you have ever worn contact lenses, you know that it is advisable to remove them every day. Soldiers can wear lenses for weeks, because there is no time to put them on/take them off, or water to wash their hands...

Andriy turned to the "Noviy Zir" ophthalmological center, and it turned out that restoring sight is an expensive operation, but the fund will cover the costs. Heorhiy Parkhomenko operated, a doctor whose skill gives confidence to the military. From myopia at -15, astigmatism and complicated traumatic cataract - not a trace remained!💪

Saying goodbye, we feel the joy of Andriy and Tetyana ❤️ We wish the military man an easy recovery!

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