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Instead of "fog" in the eyes - clarity and technology

Military personnel Mykola Gordienko contacted us for the first time in September 2022: "Fog before his eyes." Two months before that, Mykola came under fire in Pokrovsk (Donetsk region), suffered a severe concussion, and his eyesight fell sharply. Imagine, you suddenly do not see the huge pipes of the enterprise "on the territory"

The military's diagnosis is complicated cataract. "Novy Zir" doctors performed phacoemulsification with lens implantation. And although the "fog" disappeared, and visual acuity increased from 0.1% in both eyes to 0.4% in the right eye and to 0.5% in the left, this was not enough to see far and clearly!

Therefore, a several-month wait begins (Mykola spends it at the front): an additional pair of lenses is made especially for the patient. They take into account the anatomy of the eye and are implanted over the lenses. A couple more operations and the soldier sees 8 lines out of 10 (0.8% in each eye) 🔥

The postoperative recovery is going well, Mykola jokes: "The next stage of such technologies will probably be the implantation of a thermal imager 😄"

We are grateful to LLC "SС Technomed Ukraine" for the production and provision of AddOn lenses for the military.

The "See the Victory" Foundation receives more and more requests from the military for vision treatment. The operations are difficult and expensive, but we try to cover the costs of treatment so that the military can get a chance to see again!

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