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The fifth mission of ophthalmologists to the frontline territories

It was... Impressive. It's fun. It hurts. Very interesting and extremely difficult.

But we could realize it only when we returned.

In mid-May, the fifth mission of #MOD took place:

256 people were examined in 7 days.

198 soldiers, of which only 5 did not have vision problems.

58 civilians who have not seen high-quality ophthalmology for more than two years.

This time, we planned an outing together with the Command of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

They took over the communication with the units, resolved the issue of work space, accommodation and food.

We saw and heard a lot.

Soldiers who spent 17 months without rotation, 14 of which in the trenches and daily combat operations. Because there are no people.

A dentist who had a therapeutic practice, and now deals with amputation of limbs and performs maxillofacial operations no worse than a plastic surgeon.

Young boys and girls under 30 who gave a THIRD of their lives to the war.

Probably, in addition to the ophthalmological function, we perform a psychological one. Because we have a lot of conversations. In which, for the most part, we listen, listen, listen...

The mission of #MOD is to look into the eyes and understand that you can only heal them. It is to hear "how is it on the big land?" and to physically feel the chasm between two worlds. This chasm is especially vividly felt when the girl-gunner says "take care" in farewell.

Surprisingly, the closer we get to the line of scrimmage, the more confidence and power there is in the air. More determination and acceptance.

We were not hungry, we walked in hats, we will go again.

Join the volunteer movement! You can support us, and thereby our defenders, by clicking on the "Help" button or using the details that we place below:

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With best regards,

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